CCTV Solutions

CCTV has become invaluable for not only helping to detect but also to deter different types of crime, such as anti-social behaviour, theft and criminal damage, and for evaluating stored images as an investigative tool. It is proven that having highly visible cameras covering vulnerable areas of your premises reduces the opportunity to commit a crime, both from external and internal sources.

CCTV Surveillance Cameras and Equipment

There is currently a vast array of CCTV Cameras and equipment on the market due to the many site-specific and environmental conditions that need to be considered when designing a practical CCTV System.

Protechnology can evaluate your site and discuss the available options to suit your specific needs to ensure that the installation provides you with a highly effective security enhancement at affordable pricing.

The technology for today’s CCTV systems has greatly improved over the last few years making it easy and affordable for businesses and homes alike.

Our CCTV Services

Protechnology  has a number of CCTV solutions to offer from entry level to complex configurations.

  • Commercial CCTV
  • Domestic CCTV
  • Face Recognition Camera
  • Remote Viewing
  • Digital Video Recording

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